I have concerns about the type of material I watch

Downloading or viewing certain sexual material can be harmful to yourself and others. It can also be illegal - especially if it involves children.

If you are worried about the type of material you watch, we can help.

You may feel compelled to look at these videos or images and may feel that you are unable to stop. However, people can, and do, change their thoughts and behaviour. Talking to a professional can help stop you doing things that are illegal and harmful.

Concerning or harmful sexual behaviour, or thoughts, might include:

  • Looking at sexual material of children, violence, or illegal sexual behaviour
  • Thoughts and fantasies about concerning and harmful sexual behaviour with children, about
    rape, or sexual contact with animals.

Our trained specialists are available 24/7 and can talk you through different ways to get help. Our specialists are non-judgemental and professional. They can connect you to local specialist services where you can also get help. This may prevent you acting out these thoughts which could be harmful and illegal.

Keep in mind when you talk to us you might need to:

  • Discuss what confidentiality means so you are clear about our policy
  • Talk in more depth about your concerns so we can understand your situation better.

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