There's a lot of misinformation about sexual harm. Here are 10 myths and facts about sexual harm.



It’s not rape unless you say no

Consent should never be assumed. It isn’t consensual sex unless there’s a willing YES

Sexual harm is only driven by lust and passion

Sexual harm is more often about power and control than pleasure

People from certain backgrounds are more likely to be perpetrators

Perpetrators come from a range of different backgrounds. MOST perpetrators are known to their victims

Only gay men sexually assault other men

Men and woman of all sexual orientations are both victims and perpetrators. Sexual harm is about power not orientation or desire

If someone is consenting to some level of intimacy they are automatically consenting to sex

Consenting to one activity is not the same as consenting to sex

The perpetrator was wasted/stressed/depressed. Normally they wouldn’t do something like this

Perpetrators use a variety of excuses to justify rape and sexual assault. There is NEVER an excuse. The perpetrator is ALWAYS at fault

Sex workers can’t be raped

Sex workers have the same rights with consent as anyone else. The transactions they negotiate with clients are for consensual activities not rape

Someone was ‘asking for it’ because of what they were wearing

Sexual harm doesn’t happen because of what you wear. It happens because someone does something sexual to you without your consent

The person was drunk/wasted so they deserved it

If someone is wasted they cannot give consent. NO ONE deserves it.

Only women are victims of sexual harm and only men are perpetrators

People of all genders can be victims of sexual harm and people of all genders can be perpetrators